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Homework # 2

webpage w/CSS   it is like learning a second language – i have been trying to center my images in the css file – i opted for the html edit -(sorry) i found that html is “easier” to understand – i was overwhelmed last week with the “into a file and out”- with practice and stepping back, i think i have a slightly better handle.  w3schools has great examples to play with.

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sue’s homework #2

This is definitely a work in progress.

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Michelle Orsi Gordon week 2

I’m trying to think of this as learning a foreign language. It takes practice!


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Muhammad’s 2nd HW

here is the website with css

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Laura’s homework: week 2

Here is my website

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jfgiampietro_homework_week 2

Homework Assignment_2

Jay, this was difficult for me. Many of the styles I tried didn’t worked—frustration set in. I hope you’re going to cover more on CSS. I had a hard time determining how to code html or CSS. I’m sure I’m going to have to take more classes.

Anywho, here’s what I was able to do.
resume de jB

tripod ftp

i found this helped for tripod FTP

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Homework #1- Karyn Exilus

I set up an account on Tripod but couldn’t figure out to FTP. Blogger has an HTML editor so I entered heading and image codes on my woefully unupdated blog.