*Week 1:*
Introduction to the course, course materials; tour of online
Brief introduction to the history of the Web and current Web
Standards and understanding how the web actually works.
Creating a Web Page following the Basic Rules and Syntax of XHTML.

what is a tag?
Basic tags
Home work: Basic Page Start

*Week 2:*
More Basic Tags
CSS and Images
Images when and how to use backgrounds and IMG tags
Using photoshop to design and how to make images for the web

*Week 3:*

the Box ModelĀ 
Box-Level vs. Inline elements
Float, Absolute and Relative PositioningĀ 

*Week 4:*
The importance of Structure and Meaning in XHTML (Semantic Markup)
Advanced CSS syntax
Image Replacement Technique and Single-image roll-overs
*Week 5:*
Overview of normal web design process
Advaced CSS Positioning
Site structure strategy, nesting etc.
Review of Your SitesĀ