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Week 5 (LAST WEEK)

Post links to your final pages here on this blog if you haven’t already– and check ‘em to make sure they’re working! i need to be able to see them for grading! Development process Site Definition Outline of the development process; what is going to happen at eachstep; everyone’s jobs (both the clients’ and yours); […]

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Week 4

Review of CSS positioning Here is another resource that explains much of what we went over last week PRESENTATION REVIEW: CSS Beginner Tutorial, CSS Intermediate Tutorial The Document Tree Selectors Type Selectors (also called element or simple selectors) Descendant Selectors Class and ID Selectors Pseudo-classes Universal Selector Child and Adjacent Sibling Selectors (Advanced) Attribute Selectors […]

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my example post with a link

here is the link to the site i want you to see put in another link

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Week 2

A very small lecture on paths — look at this picture This is about relative paths. Relative paths are how you link from one file to another on the same computer. This could be the computer in front of you or the server somewhere in the world. In my example from class, this is like […]

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Email addresses please

Hey everyone– i just realized that I don’t have everyone’s email address through the schools system like i would usually have- i guess because its a summer class — anyway -if you want to be able to receive updates by email send me a quick email with your first and last name to — […]

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this is my sample post

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Welcome -week 1

Web Design Basics PCDD 0510 Create a Web presence using the basic structure of HTML. Learn page layout, format text, optimize images and create hypertext links, image maps, and tables CSS layout. Develop effective interface design and navigation. Aspects of Web broadcasting are discussed. Prerequisite: Mac Basics, Photoshop Basics, or equivalent. (1 credit) Limited to 16. […]