Creative Brief- the design iterations of

I needed to figure out how to design an informative site for teens that looked “cool”.
I decided to look for graphic inspiration in the company Kid Robot. Their vinyl toys and anime figurines inspired me to design a site around my own Kid Robotesqe figures. Although the idea seemed solid, its realization was another matter. Class critique revealed that the colors and pictures were more suited for a younger audience. I decided to scrap this iteration and start again.
For my next iteration I decided to go with the look of ironic T-shirts (i.e. “I got Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and all I got was this site”). I wanted the site design to be American Apparel meets street art. I sketched out how I wanted the site to look, and built wireframes. I then drew out a user narrative of the where, when, and how a patient would use
I presented this new iteration at winter critique. The critics loved my concept, but they felt the headless torsos in shirts took away from the users ability to relate to the characters. When I showed them the full figures they loved them and asked why I wasn’t using the full image? I agreed to make the change.
Trying to finalize my website design I spent hours pouring through magazines and books for visuals that made an impact on me. I tore out and collected pictures from every source I could find and created a color palette of yellow and white. I topped that off with an interpretation of a piece by graphic artist Geneviéve Gauckler, and finally created’s current iteration.
The final design is clean, colorful, warm, non-clinical, something young people would like, and easy to navigate because visitors may have limited energy.

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