Problems Updating Site

Hi Professor, I got some problems while I was updating my files through Dreamweaver to the server. I think that the kionic server is down.
So the previous link(Light and Love Home) I posted is kinda mess up now.

I've been trying to fix it since yesterday night.
I will post an updated link as soon as possible.


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6 Responses to Problems Updating Site

  1. jay says:

    If your server is down can you post them on a friend's server (just make a folder for it) ?

  2. HoYinSzeto says:

    yea, I just asked my friend for help.
    I will post it up before noon.
    Thanks for your understanding!

  3. HoYinSzeto says:

    Here is the link for my final site:
    Final Redesign: Light and Love Home

    And the Homework List is the same as the previous one:
    Final Homework List

  4. jay says:

    good job being resourceful and getting the site posted! - there are still a ton of errors in the code and no h1 for logo or main nav -

    • HoYinSzeto says:

      yea I think the main errors were caused because I haven't added "alt" to all pictures which are the "main" elements of the site. If I got more time, I would be more than happy to fix the code perfectly.

      And for the problem of not having h1 for main navigation and logo, I apologize that I figured it out how to do it late. I tried to fix it before but it ended up messy. And the method I used for the main navigation is kinda complicated to me so I don't wanna mess it up again. But I do learn how to put text hidden by using a background replacement and add a:hover to make it rollover very last minute. So I updated my Week2 single-image-rollover homework because I did it wrong before.

      Anyway, this site is a bit challenging to me and I know that I have a lot to improve. But I learned a lot in this class about positioning, JavaScript and something I didn't know before.

      Thanks Professor! And have a great Summer.