Week 13

Today is also a work day. I'll be available to answer questions and help you with your projects.

Be sure to get all your homework posted to this site (links to your homework that is, which ideally you will have put on your own sites). Remember posting a link to it here IS turning it in.

Next week is Part 1 of Final Presentations. You should have your site done. Look at the schedule (main menu of this blog) to see who goes on the first day and who goes on the second day. If you don't see your name on the schedule let me know immediately. You can not make up your final presentation, and you must be present for both weeks so you can participate in the discussion. Remember, your classmates are going to be here for you giving you their best, honest constructive criticism so you should be here for them.

Final presentations will go like this:

  1. you will stand up and introduce yourself and your client briefly
  2. show us the site on the screen (have a link to it posted on the blog so you can get to it easily and so i can find it later to grade it), It need not be at its final URL it just needs to be somewhere on the web.
  3. take us through the site, showing us all the pages and talking about how your design meets the needs of your client. What does the style say to people about your client? What does the organization of the site do for your client?
  4. We'll look at one page with the styles turned off to see how semantically coded the site is. Here i'll be looking forĀ  : Does the site have an h1? are things that should be lists lists? Can you use the site without the css? Are things that are decorative put in as background images but things that are content put in as image tags?
  5. We'll validate your site. I"m looking for that nice green bar.
  6. We'll discuss the design of your site.

People who present the first week do not have to have everything 100% finished, but people who present the second week should have everything ready to go.

I'll be grading on the most recent versions of: Firefox and Safari on the mac and Firefox and Internet Explorer on the PC

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