Some Proper Image Replacement

This is some proper image replacement that I completed for my portfolio site. I’d like it to count as my image replacement homework.



They’re on everything…

Baxter Crabtree – Final Project

Here’s a link to the final site. Sorry, I forgot to post it last night. I will also be posting some more homework today so please be on the lookout for that. THanks!


Ashley P. – Final Project

Here’s the link to my final project:

There will be improvements in the future! :)

Ken Hurd – final

still working on the site but needed to put it up.

i restarted yesterday bc of my live transfer issues but here it is as of now…

new web address for final

I had to switch around the url for my site to make room for testing the admin side that im building so here it is:
happy weekend!

Nadiah’s Final – Redfern Gallery

Redesign of the gallery website:

Redfern Gallery

Still trying to fix the Safari bug for the image gallery using jquery.

Tiff’s Final


*they still haven’t managed to send me the text they want for each flavor of wings’s story, so that part is still work in progress~

sehee’s final

my final project!


Here is my final for the class!

Have a great summer everyone!