It’s not exactly what I had visioned but it’s something!

My first live website!

Leah’s site

Here is my ‘final’ site. Like Dwayne said, definitely will be a work in progress for a while (there are some alignment issues that weren’t there yesterday and I’m not sure what I did to cause them, but at this point I just keep making them worse so I’ll have to work them out after a good night’s sleep) but I’m comfortable with this as the jumping off point.

And I’m getting the green validation on all pages!

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My Website

Here it is,still a work in progress (isn’t every website in a sense?) but I got it to a point where I thought it was complete enough to present to the class.

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final website





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Final Website

Cross-Rhodes Online

completed site

Natalie Bonilla

it’s 90% there!

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Trying again…

Thanks for letting me know the link didn’t work! Here it is again.

Still working out the Javascript for the portfolio page so that isn’t up there yet. I’ll be on campus all day tomorrow – working on this site most of the day except when I have class from 3-6 so if anyone wants to work together and can’t make the 9am meeting let me know!

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Wed at 4:30 in 425 4th floor?

was someone supposed to meet me here? its now 5 and i’m wondering if i just had this wrong in my calendar….

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Week 14

Today we’ll have presentations from anyone that wants to volunteer to go early and the rest of the class will be troubleshooting and time to work in class and ask questions.

Next week will everyone who has yet to present will present.

when you present, you will
1) show us the design
2) show us your code (html and css)
3) validate one of your pages (picked at random by us)

in grading a big part of the grade is the quality of the design- but there’s no excuse for having code that doesn’t validate —

Week 13 & 14 Final Portfolio Website