Homework/Fugu not working

Jay- My fugu keeps saying– ssh_Exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

so I can’t upload anything… I have my stuff done so I will upload it first thing in class. Is it okay if I bring my computer in and you look at this, because it happened a lot during spring break too?

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Sure that’s fine– but ultimately we have to figure out why you’re not able to connect– it has to be something– did you try it on a different computer? maybe compare notes with a classmate for whom it is working and make sure your settings on fugu are all the same as they have– if all else fails- contact the schools tech support and have them check your username and password to make sure it hasn’t changed or something

it works at school– so maybe its my settings–but the thing is, sometimes it works on fugu… either way, i will bring in my computer tomorrow.

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