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Design Comps 2

Peter Pan Bakery Design Comps design mockup 2 I still can’t get the Declaration to work, I know how to edit it with CSS but I cannot get it to show in the browser.

Rocky’s Revise

Here is a revised version of Rocky’s Pizza Rocky’s Revised Mock-Up

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Declaration of Independence

So I tried to validate it–but I got down to 4 errors, and then the numbers weren’t corresponding to the information and when I tried to fix it, I guess I did it wrong, because it went from 4 to 14. So I have it down to 4, but I need help with the rest. […]

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Revised Mock-up & Sitemap

Hi Everyone, I didn’t like my last one at all, but I didn’t present. I just redid the whole thing, from wireframe and mock-up. Site maps still the same though. Link to new mock-up Link to it’s wire frame

Leah’s Site

Here are the .jpgs of my site mockups. Home About Locations/Map Menu

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Unique Prints skinlayout and Declaration of Independence site

Here’s my declaration of independence And here’s my skinlayout Enjoy!

Website Design and Declaration of Independence CSS

website design for A’s Org Dry Cleaners Declaration of Independence with css

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Rocky’s Mock Up

here is a link to Rocky’s Mockup website

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Rocky’s Mock up

here is a link to Rocky’s MockUp

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Week 5

As always post a link to your homework– Today is one of our big crit days — we’ll have a critique of your designs. Homework: New versions of your designs based on our crit today And Validate your DOI and make it green! Make it more beautiful.