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Final Website

Cross-Rhodes Online

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HTML for final website

All pages – HTML for the Cross-Rhodes website Home Services People Publications

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Home page HTML attempt 1

Home page HTML for the Cross-Rhodes website Cross-Rhodes Link

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website mockup 1

I have decided to do my final website on a small business consulting firm that I recently redesigned the logo for. The current website,, needs to be redesigned and there may even be a possibility of implementing the one I design with the new identity. Cross-Rhodes Mock up 1

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Final Design Comps

Peter Pan Bakery Final Design Peter Pan Bakery Finals

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Positioning Exercises

exercise 1 exercise 2 exercise 3 exercise 4

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Project Planner

Project Planner Who are you? Your name and title: Caroline Nolan. Parsons Student, Graphic Design How do you want people to contact you? (phone? email>): email (primary) email and cell phone Describe the concept, product, or service this site is intended to provide or promote. My portfolio work — graphic design, web, painting, drawings, resume […]

Design Comps 2

Peter Pan Bakery Design Comps design mockup 2 I still can’t get the Declaration to work, I know how to edit it with CSS but I cannot get it to show in the browser.

Peter Pan Bakery – design mockups

Peter Pan Bakery Design Comps design mockup note: I am still having trouble with editing the DOI.

Wireframes – Local Business

Peter Pan Bakery Site Map and Wireframes site map and wireframes