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here it is I forgot to repost this yesterday, but these changes were done after critique on Tuesday. Thanks Jay and have a great summer!

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final site

maybe 99.5% done? Im gonna get a coffee now!

completed site

Natalie Bonilla it’s 90% there!

Meet up time to work on our webpages

Hey guys, Essence and I are planning to meet at the UCC sometime during the week after our next class so we can go over each others’ HTML and CSS code. If anyone else wants to also meet with us it would be great. The more heads, the better it will be to figure things […]

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Portfolio Webpage-Take three

site I finally figured out the single image rollover!!! YAY!!!

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Website buildup- Take two

having some difficulties with the single image rollover technique site

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Start of portfolio site in html

Just a start, but will continue to work on it. homepage bio art design collab. contact

revised portfolio designs

here they are!!! i still am working on the splash/home page and i dont know what to do!!!! Art/Design page Bio page Home page

rollover image for D.O.I & Portfolio webpage mockups

The colors are not working the way they should, maybe we can check it out in class? Rollover DOI Homepage Art Bio

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Portfolio sitemap and wireframe

here is my sitemap and here’s my wireframe.