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My Website

Here it is,still a work in progress (isn’t every website in a sense?) but I got it to a point where I thought it was complete enough to present to the class.

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Revised Pages and HTML Portfolio

I eliminated the blog section, also refined the type a bit. For some reason I couldn’t figure out the image replacement technique even though I did it no problem for the Declaration of Independence. Still trying to decide on what I want for the homepage, I’m gonna keep it simple for now though. Also added […]

Revised Portfolio Designs and Positioning

Here are my revised designs for my portfolio website. I still have a couple of ideas I want to try out. Home Page hover state Work Page hover state Work Page I also started to work out the positioning of the major elements with colored divs.


Hey I know it’s pretty late but I finally figured out how to do rollovers!

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Revised Portfolio Comps

Hello all. Here are the revised comps for my portfolio website. Home Page Home Page Red Home Page Green Home Page Yellow Home Page Purple Home Page Blue Home Page Orange Home Page Teal First Interior Page Work Hover Work Page Contact Page

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Portfolio Website comps

Home page Work page Contact page I couldn’t figure out how to make an image a link or the single image rollover, if anyone else knows how to do this than leave tips in the comments. Otherwise I’ll just ask about it when I get to class tomorrow.

DOI with Image Replacement and Sitemap and Wireframe for Online Portfolio

Declaration of Independence Sitemap and Wireframe

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Green DOI, Positioning excercises and Questionarre

Corrected Declaration of Independence Exercise 1 Excercise 2 Excercise 3 Excercise 4 * Project Planner * Who are you? * Your name and title:Dwayne Sealey, communication design student * How do you want people to contact you? (phone? email>):both phone and email * Describe the concept, product, or service this site is intended to provide […]

Revised Comps and DOI

So here are my revised comps: Home Info Location New Stuff Goods 1 Goods 2 Goods 3 And my DOI I didn’t really understand what was wrong with my code according to the validator. Also it listed the same error 5 times which was weird.

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StackHouse Comps

Home Info News Goods