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Final Site

Here is the final site. I might make an about/CV and contact page before friday, but that would only take a second. The real challenge was the portfolio page.

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Update Portfolio Site

Catherine Karnoff Home Catherine Karnoff Portfolio

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Home page in html

I just got the artwork images from my friend so those will be on the next version. Catherine Karnoff Home Dylan

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Revised design for C.K. portfolio

Here are the revised designs for my friends website. Homepage Portfolio Dylan

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Portfolio Sketch

I am designing a portfolio site for my friend Catherine. In her sculpture she often deals with framing obscure, found objects in museum-like display cases. I took this idea, the obsession of framing, and used it as a starting point for the design of the site. The main content takes place within a large picture […]

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Design Layout for Broadway Pizza

Hey Jay, I know this stuff was supposed to be posted a couple weeks ago, this is the first class I have had to use a blog for, and I kept putting it off. Here is the old and newer mockup of the broadway pizza site. I still need to do it in color for […]

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Declaration of Independence & Image Replacement Technique

Declaration with Image Replacement Banner

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Positioning Exercise & Questionnaire

Positioning 1 Positioning 2 Positioning 3 Positioning 4 Questionnaire

Broadway Pizza Wireframe/Sitemap

Here is the mockup wireframe/sitemap for Broadway Pizza.

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Week 2 local business assignment

Broadway Pizza, 1142 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY This small restaurant is the best and cleanest place to eat near my apartment. They offer a wide variety of grilled and fried foods along with their pizza, and have delicious home made cookies as well. Currently, searching for broadway pizza in google returns this website. I believe this […]