here it is

I forgot to repost this yesterday, but these changes were done after critique on Tuesday.

Thanks Jay and have a great summer!

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revised final…finally!

green bars all around for my site! woot woot!

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Green Bar for Steph

I am going to spend time this summer reading up on web design and then changing my homepage to those line drawings…But for now I am satisfied! Thanks so much Jay for all your help this year!!!

Portfolio Site

portfolio website
still trying to get it to work on all browsers…having lots of trouble with internet explorer…………………………….

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My computer hates Fugu

Once again my fugu isnt working, so I am going to head to school in the morning and hope that I can get this all uploaded. It all validates locally and everything is done…locally. So hopefully it will be up and running by the time Jay gets to mine!

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Final Site

Here is the final site.

I might make an about/CV and contact page before friday, but that would only take a second. The real challenge was the portfolio page.

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Final Presentations

we’re going to have to go fast today–

I’ll actually be grading these on friday so you have until then to get everything perfect. Be sure to post a link to the very last final, final, final version of your sites on this blog before then.


check your link! ( i mean post it, then click on your post to test it and make 100% sure its going to the right place)

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final website

my website

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final site

maybe 99.5% done?

Im gonna get a coffee now!