Advanced Web Design

Advanced Web Design – 4254 – PUDD 3150 – B


Instructor: Jay Van Buren


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Hours: Monday, 3pm – 5:40

Location: 55 W. 13th, Rm. 425


Course Description:

The Web may be a turning point in human history that rivals the taming of fire or the invention of the printing press. It’s been changing profoundly how we do business and communicate for the past 10 years and its just getting started. New technologies are ensuring that as the haystack of information grows exponentially our ability to find the needle we need at any particular moment is growing too.


Whether you are selling a product or service, trying to convince people of an idea, or creating interactive art, the web is the air we all breathe. Understanding how to use this medium as well as it can be used will help your (or your client’s) content stand out both now and in the future.


The main projects will be the completion of a website for an actual client, including all the stages that a professional web designer should go through on the way to creating the site. This class is not about learning to create websites (you should already know that). This class is about creating truly excellent, beautiful, elegant websites that are built using the best possible practices, and match the needs of your client in both form and function. We’ll also spend some time talking about and trying to understand both where we are right now and where we are headed.


Course Goals:

Upon successful completion of this class, the student will have gained the skills be a professional web designer, and will have a thorough grasp of the state of the art of web design including both aesthetic, conceptual and technical issues.



10% – Attendance and Class Participation

40% – Weekly Assignments (each one will be worth 6 points 6=excellent, 5=average, 4=acceptable, not turned in = 0)

50% – Final Project


Course Requirements:









Reading and Resources:

There are two texts that we’ll be reading from