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here is the link for my site.

Steve Lucin’s Final Site

ABK final/W.I.P

So this I what I have for submission. I finally worked out the Javascript, but lacked the time management for including within the CSS. Will continue to work on website, and hope for your insight/output. Final Site

Suzanne Opton Website

Suzanne Opton’s portfolio website is here. The site is not yet done; as of now it stands at 102 pages making progress a bit painstaking. I am meeting with my client on Saturday afternoon to figure out revisions and a timeline for actual launch (at To outline the changes that are forthcoming: The splash […]

final website


Final Website


Toupee // Nol Honig Website

Just a couple of points before: 1) my pages validate except for the errors thrown by the tags, I looked into that and turns out it’s been deprecated in favor of but it’s unstable for IE so I was leaving the tags. and 2) I’m still after a lot of effort not getting the css/js […]

Final Site

Pruter Landscape.



PART 2 ( Monday the 18th) davecfrankel (11) Joey Privitera lucis270 prerna reidwt rohini tammi