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PART 2 ( Monday the 18th) davecfrankel (11) Joey Privitera lucis270 prerna reidwt rohini tammi


determined by random process: PART 1 (Monday the 11th) aishasm (9) greer112 (13) Daisy (12) Desmond Cheung (5) garrettp meganeko yannt If you make changes to your site after you give your presentation please be sure to post a link to the changed site (if the url is different)– AND be sure you actually test […]

Week 13

Ok, at long last some more PHP – this time how to make PHP read an RSS file (this same technique would work with any xml file). we’re going to use this tutorial by Kevin Yank: PHP and XML: Parsing RSS 1.0 Copy the code from this example page: http://www.jayvanburen.org/phpexample.txt its named .txt so you […]

Week 12

Browser Problems and Workarounds For those of you starting to struggle with Internet Explorer or other browser problems in rendering your HTML, here are some useful resources: IE Bugs / Browser Targeting links on Delicious More Here Conditional Comments to Target IE only Making a Fav icon for Your Site The Fav or Favorite Icon […]

Week 11

PHP Basics PHP Includes Form Processing with PHP PHP basics PHP is a server-side scripting language, which means that the code is processed before the page is sent to the browser. PHP is code that is embedded in your HTML. PHP must be installed on the server to use PHP in your HTML pages. In […]

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Week 10

A number of extended javascript libraries have been created by enterprising developers. These are popular: Scriptalicious MooTools JQuery I’m most familiar with  JQuery, so that’s the one I’m going to walk you through today! Quick Start with JQuery Download the JQuery Core code Download this HTML Example

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Week 9

Today we’re having in-class design critiques of your client website mockups. ALSO the javascript fly-out menu is due- post links to both to the blog as always.


Your homework that was assigned last week is due next week– it was 1) to make a javascript fly out menu 2) to do static design mockups (comps) for each of your page types for your client sites. Today we’ll start off talking about the design process and creativity a little- and I’ll show you […]

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Week 7

WELCOME BACK- if you haven’t already please post your homework which was: add a nav bar using the single-image roll over technique to your universal declaration of human rights page create site outline, project schedule, First version of Site Map, and first version of Wireframes for each PAGETYPE NOW, we will talk about javascript XTHML, […]

week 6

Post a link to your homework page to the comments section of this todays page here, and make sure there are links to your homework for today which was….. a) a competitive analysis b) creative brief, c) adding rounder corners to some part of your Universal Declaration of Human Rights page Examples and Tips in […]