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Toupee // Nol Honig Website

Just a couple of points before: 1) my pages validate except for the errors thrown by the tags, I looked into that and turns out it’s been deprecated in favor of but it’s unstable for IE so I was leaving the tags. and 2) I’m still after a lot of effort not getting the css/js […]

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Revised Mockups

Revised Mockups for Toupee/Nol Honig any thoughts and suggestions would be great! the first image in the folder was done mostly for the client to show that adding a box for the film would make the site unnecessarily cluttered, but to give the option anyhow. TOUPEE/Nol Honig mockups

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Designs and Drop Menu

Javascript Menu (based off of your tutorial) Design Sketch 1 Design Sketch 2 Full Mockup

Site Outline, Map, and Nav Bar

declaration of rights nav bar I had a problem w/ my nav bar. first, it pushes my nav bar down one line and I have no idea why since I specified the li elements to be inline. also, on the languages button it hovers correctly in safari but not in firefox? suggestions would be much […]

Rounded Corners + Creative Brief

Rounded Corners Creative Brief

Client Survey


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CSS exercises

Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4

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AishaSM- Declaration of Human Rights

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