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Final Client Website -Rachel Green

Javascript: Custom Scrollbars, Dynamic Scrolling, etc.

Check out this link for javascript code to make custom scrollbars and dynamic scrolling: (click on the code tab for the actual javascript and sample demonstrations) This section demonstrates a way for making slideshows: Enjoy : )

Website (In Progress Update)

Updated Site Map: Website Layouts:

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Flyout Navigation Menu

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Site Outline, Site Map, Project Schedule

Site Outline Site Map Project Schedule

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Declaration of Human Rights with Single-Image Rollover

The three red boxes under “Useful Links” are the single-image rollover.

Delicious Links

All Human Rights Document Assignments

I’m not sure which of my human rights document assignments I’ve posted and which have since been edited, so here are the most up-to-date versions of all of them: Redesign: Rounded Corners: Liquid/Fixed Layout:

Competitive Analysis This site has an interesting, soothing look to it due to the use of neutral colors and natural imagery. The font size, especially for the links, is too small. The navigation menu is not prominent enough, limiting ease of use. Also the use of flash animation does not fit the professional look your site […]

Rounded Corners

Declaration of Human Rights With Rounded Corners