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ABK final/W.I.P

So this I what I have for submission. I finally worked out the Javascript, but lacked the time management for including within the CSS. Will continue to work on website, and hope for your insight/output. Final Site

Revised Mock ups

I revised my most successful design: Revised Page 1 Revised Page2

Design comps

Comp 1 Home 1 Fashion page slide Comp2 Home 2 Photography page slide

Website outline and wireframe

ABK Detroit Website Outline Home •    Artist contact •    Artist resume •    Recently added works Fashion •    5-10 images of works in an inbrowser slideshow gallery •    piece name, date, medium and dimensions •    links to artist fashion blog on Illustration •    5-10 images of works in an inbrowser slideshow gallery •    piece name, […]

Human Rights static and rounded corner

These are much older assignments Static Design Rounded Corners using CSS

Client inspiration websites

3 Client inspiration sites on Delicious

Client Survey + Creative Brief

Client Survey ABK Survey Who are you? Your name and title: Alyssa Baron-Klask Artist Business or organization name and location: A.B.K Detroit MI Your email address: Business phone including area code or country code: (248) 766 9311 Tell us about yourself Briefly describe your organization. Who are you, what do you do, why does […]

CSS exercises

Took awhile to do this and I had trouble with example 4. CSS1 CSS2 CSS3 CSS4 More to come…