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Suzanne Opton Website

Suzanne Opton’s portfolio website is here. The site is not yet done; as of now it stands at 102 pages making progress a bit painstaking. I am meeting with my client on Saturday afternoon to figure out revisions and a timeline for actual launch (at To outline the changes that are forthcoming: The splash […]

Mockup Revisions

Here are links to revised mockups based on both suggestions from class last week and my client. 1 2 3 4

A Much Belated Single Image Rollover

Here is a link to the Declaration of Human Rights using the single image rollover technique. I have moved the site to my own domain name.

Unable To Access (Single-Image Roll)

I have been unable to access my webspace on the school server and in turn have been unable to post my Declaration with a single-image rollover. has also been down. Anyone else having issues?

Competitive Analysis—Suzanne Opton

My client is a fine-art photographer, below are analyses of websites for three contemporary fine-art photographers. Loretta Lux Positives The site is sucessful at creating a neutral canvas for the photographs. The main navigation is both well placed (vertically, on the left of the screen) and sized (small and subtle, so as not to […]

Client Survey/Creative Brief

Below are both the client survey and creative brief for photographer Suzanne Opton. A competitive analysis and project schedule will follow shortly. Thanks, Survey Suzanne Opton – Photographer 347.256.2218 photographs, news, press I want it to be html so pages could be mailed.  I want a portion of it to be redesigned especially […]

Rounded Corner Declaration

Here is my Declaration of Human Rights with a rounded corner preface.

CSS Positioning Exercises

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Use of fixed positioning

Kinda crazy use of fixed positioning

Declaration of Human Rights

Here is a link to a simply marked up, validated declaration.