Week 1 – Nov 5
Explanation of basics of each platform : set up tools for class, set up all your accounts, start doing research for your class project

Week 2 -  Nov 12

  • Strategic / Conceptual Lecture: Transparancy, Credibility, and Value Proposition lecture & which platforms are best for what. What kind of content should you create ? Explanation of ecosystems and How can you activate the Game Layer
  • Technical Demonstration: Linked in and Twitter – Tweet Deck and Advanced Twitter use
  • In-Class Exercise: Conversation via Twitter
  • Homework Assigned: identify your audience, define your brand, define your ecosystem. Audience Analysis, BrandingvStatement, Ecosystem Break Down

Week 3 -  Nov 19

  • Strategic / Conceptual Lecture:  Do you want wide and shallow or narrow and deep >> Or both (Think about bank-shots)
  • Technical Demonstration: Foursquare and Facebook, plugins, tabs
  • In-Class Exercise: Post to facebook from your phone
  • Homework Assigned: Report on a great use of media you care about and why – something that made you cry, laugh or do something. Create a plan — who are you talking to ? what are you saying, how are you saying it? start creating content, choose a primary channel, Start customizing your channels


Week 4 -  Dec 3

  • Strategic / Conceptual Lecture: Cool points and the three principals of Communities on line (and maybe everywhere)
  • Technical Demonstration: Advanced Tools, Content production, Research, Metrics, Advanced traffic generating tactics.
  • In-Class Exercise: Posting to youtube << bring a digital video camera and the means to get files on to your class computer
  • Homework Assigned: Start executing your plan

Week 5  – December 10

Final presentations – documentation from execution of your brand plan

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