Barbara Homework 2

Hey i am already signed up with facebook, twitter, youtube and blogspot. i signed up for delicious and this which makes six. i have a page on facebook for my fashion and clolthing line Dumebi and also promote myself using twitter and my blog which is all about my fashion, my youtube acount also contains videos of my fashion and projects including a music video i made. my project is about promoting my design label to hopefully gain young clients in the New York City area.!/pages/Dumebi/170816326328758!/babygal_babzy twitter  blogspot

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3 thoughts on “Barbara Homework 2

  1. I’ve taught this preojct for 6-7 years now, first with high school, now with the middle school. If the correct technique is used, it comes out awesome. This includes overlapping lines to create value, starting each arc where you left off to avoid “paperclips and mushrooms”, changing direction to create movement, and varying size from small to large (and back again) to create the appearance of depth and moving back in space or coming forward. I like the work in just b/w as the color can distort the value of the overlapping lines-arcs.

  2. You went above and beyond and went out of your way to help a felolw businesswoman boost her fan numbers on her Facebook page! You didn’t have to do it, and I certainly didn’t ask you to But within two days my numbers went up by over 250! Thank you again!

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