Principals of Building and sustaining community

  • First I want to hear about your plans — what are you doing? who are you talking to, what are you saying? through what channels ?
  • Cool points
  • Three principals of Communities on line (and maybe everywhere)
    All communities want

    1. sense that they are contributing to something greater than themselves
    2. means to at least effect what that something is and where its going
    3. recognition from the community for their specific contribution
  • Technical Demonstration

  • In-Class Exercise:  YOUTUBE: Posting to youtube << bring a digital video camera and the means to get files on to your class computer
  • Homework Assigned: Start executing your plan

One thought on “WEEK 4

  1. hi jay, can you make a post about how to integrate the various social media platforms? ie how to either send the same content to all channels and/or tailoring content for each channel? thanks,

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