Babzy homework 1

Now this article right now is every fly fashionistas dream come true. I go through this problem of not remembering what I wore last week and making sure i dont wear the same outfit to the same place all the time. now an app like this can save alot of woman the embarrasement. this article is definately #Worthwile

Barbara Homework 2

Hey i am already signed up with facebook, twitter, youtube and blogspot. i signed up for delicious and this which makes six. i have a page on facebook for my fashion and clolthing line Dumebi and also promote myself using twitter and my blog which is all about my fashion, my youtube acount also contains videos of my fashion and projects including a music video i made. my project is about promoting my design label to hopefully gain young clients in the New York City area.!/pages/Dumebi/170816326328758!/babygal_babzy twitter  blogspot

youtube (BabzzyB) Delicious


Homework #2

I signed up to Twitter (@Eliprada), YouTube (Eliprada24), Delicious (Eliprada), Foursquare, and Linkedin. Does this blog count? If it does, then I signed up to a total of 6!

My project will be based on how to optimize social media platforms to increase our youth program’s reach and presence within youth development organizations.




An interesting video of Cindy Sherman in her studio, discussing a commission for French Vogue. She creates photographs reflecting the magazine and it’s readers. She then transforms the images to use as art. A fun house.