Here are my revised Wire Frame and Declaration

This is my revised Declaration of Independence Here is my revised Wire Frame thnx: leewinfield, Skyline, and Jay

Here is my updated pieces

This is my updated DOI This is my updated Wire Frame (thanx: leewinfield, Skyline, Matt & Jay 4 your help!) and Finally this is my Main page mock-up

Site Design

Here are a few web pages to give you the idea of where I’m going with the layout and design for Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks.

Revised Wireframe

Here is my reworked wireframe for my site – I tightened up the layout and introduced a few more graphic elements and added links to show actual inventory (unsure yet to use photos or Quicktime movie containing scans across the shelves). I found some retro kitchen elements which I hope will tie it all together.

DOI – styled with CSS

Here is my Declaration of Independence using the baby beginner steps of CSS.