Mockup of La Cabaña – Jay Ramirez

Main Page Menu Photos Different Variation: Different layout More to come soon…

The Children’s General Store Designs

Page 1 Page 1.5 Page 2 Page 3

homepage draft

Here is a draft of the homepage for the website. I misunderstood what a page type was and thought I had only one type. The content in the center of the page will change but the menus and bar at the top will stay the same.

Here is my updated pieces

This is my updated DOI This is my updated Wire Frame (thanx: leewinfield, Skyline, Matt & Jay 4 your help!) and Finally this is my Main page mock-up

Site Design

Here are a few web pages to give you the idea of where I’m going with the layout and design for Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks.