Course Schedule

*Week 1:*
Introduction to the course, course materials; tour of online
Brief introduction to the history of the Web and current Web
Creating a Web Page following the Basic Rules and Syntax of XHTML.
Basic tags
Home work: Basic Page

*Week 2:*
More Basic Tags
Local Practice – 3 wk assignment
Design for a Local business: find business

*Week 3:*
The importance of Structure and Meaning in XHTML (Semantic Markup)
Structure: More XHTML elements
Web Standards
Homework: Declaration of Independence
Homework: Wireframes and the begining of the design process for local design

*Week 4:*
understanding the document tree
Intro to CSS syntax
Internal vs. External style sheets, and style sheet strategy
The Box Model
Box-Level vs. Inline elements
Homework: Make the DOI beautiful
Homework: Create First Round Designs

*Week 5:*
Design Presentations and Critique for Local Business Project
Homework: Revised DOI – make sure it validates!
Homework: Revised design for local business

*Week 6:*
Box Model Review and positioning
CSS positioning
Absolute vs. Relative
Introduction to the Web Development Process
Details of The Midterm Project: Your portfolio site
Using Photoshop for design comps tips and tricks
Homework: Critique 2 of your fellow students revised local designs
Homework: Discovery Questionnaire on Yourself
Homework: box model practice – 1 week

*Week 7:*
Review of CSS positioning

File Structure and Site organization
Images when and how to use backgrounds and IMG tags
Individual Design Review and Time to work on Final Version of Local Design Project
Homework: Final Version of your Local Design
Homework: Site Map for your own site

*Week 8:*
Interface Design Patterns
The Image replacement technique
Building Menus using the single image replacement technique and CSS roll-overs
Time in class to work on Designs for your portfolio site

*Week 9:*
Midterm Project Presentations and Design Critique part 1

*Week 10:*
Midterm Project Presentations and Design Critique part 2

*Week 11:*
Dreamweaver tips and tricks
CSS & HTML trouble-shooting techniques
Site structure strategy
More on Image slicing
Image Optimizing and Image Strategy

*Week 12:*
Java-script Pop-ups and CSS Roll-overs
Validating Your Site
Testing Your Site, Browser Checking

*Week 13:*

Individual code review, and time to work on final project in class

*Week 14:*
Final Presentations Design and Code Critique part 1

*Week 15:*
Final Presentations Design and Code Critique part 2