Final site homepage

Hello, This is link for my Final site homepage.

My Site- FINAL week

here is my site  it looks the way i want it to but i have problems validating it- and they are all related to the DOCTYPE.  When i add the doctype to the heading, it would validate… but some of my .png files then shift around the page and no matter what i do in […]

My Site that isn’t working…

Here is the link to my non-working site!

My Final Personal Portfolio Page

You can visit my final revisions HERE!

My Homepage

This is first version of homepage.

Lee’s site: In Progress

look at my work-in-progress site here I had a few issues that I would like to get help with in class..

My Personal Page

Hey everyone my official website, click here

lee’s revised website

my revised portfolio is here i am not completely happy with it, i spent hours testing different designs some are here please go through the different ideas or comment with other suggestions. the problem is that i want it to have a strong recence but a bit more classic or delicate.. thanks,lee

Revised Personal Site

Main Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4

Revised my homepage design

Second version of my site’s design