weekly posts (jay’s posts, that is)

Week 13

Today is a work day. Post your homework, which was HTML versions of all of your major pagetypes for your portfolio site. I’m going to be available to work with anyone that needs help individually. If it looks like lots of people are having the same problem I may do some demonstrations for the whole […]

Week 12

As always post your homework, which this week is one page of your portfolio site built in HTML and CSS. HERE is the example website that we built in class last week, and the css is here. JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language. It is a client-side language, which means that the code is processed […]


As always, post your homework, which was a new version of designs for all your major pagetypes for your portfolio site that takes into account the critiques from the class last week. CSS & HTML trouble-shooting techniqueswhen things go wrong it is easy to get frustrated. Creating websites consists of hours and hours and hours […]

week 10

Today is the second day of presentations of your designs for your portfolio sites. FOR NEXT WEEK- post refined designs showing all aspects of all of your page-types. NO big grey rectangles in place of photos! If you don’t have real photos go find photos that are similar to the photos you think you will […]


TODAY WE HAVE PRESENTATIONS OF YOUR FIRST ROUND DESIGNS FOR YOUR OWN PORTFOLIO SITE, the one you will actually build. post this, and links to your other homework and lets get started


Post your homework as always — it was The Final Version of your local design project if your last version was not a reasonable web size Sitemap and Wireframes for your personal portfolio project Fun with background images This site has good examples of many things that you can do with a background image. lets […]

Week 7

Post your homework as always… You did the first part of the discovery phase with your self questionnaire. The next phase IF you were not your own client, would be to write a creative brief. This is not going to be an assignment, but I just want to give you an idea of the usual […]

Week 6

A quick review of Visual Formatting Model— THINK INSIDE THE BOX! Box Model: The box model defines how elements are displayed. Every CSS element forms a “box” composed of these components: Content – The actual content of the element such as text or an image. When using the width property, you are defining the width […]

Week 5

As always post a link to your homework– Today we’ll have a critique of your designs. Homework: New versions of your designs based on our crit today And Validate your DOI and make it green! Make it more beautiful.

Week 4

Homework Review Post links to your PDF’s of your wireframes and your HTML files with the declaration of independence. Once again, we have a very large amount of content to get through today so to save time, I’ll be going over your homework on the blog and posting comments, AND so will you! find two […]