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final website

Here is a link to my site with the validated pages (every page except resume page validates! i need to work on my list) and fixed javascript.

portfolio site

Here is a link to my site. I still need to edit the content in the bio and resume, I just wanted to give an idea of what it would look like. Also, the positioning is fine on Firefox on my Mac, but now that I’m looking at it here at school in Firefox on […]

Portfolio site

Here is a link to my site in progress. The portfolio page is disorganized right now.

start to my website


design revisions

Here are my revised designs.


Here are my design drafts. Here is my DOI page. I couldn’t get my image to show up in the boxes though.

Sitemap and Final Local Design

Here is my sitemap and wireframe for my own website. And here are my final local designs.

Design revision and questionnaire.

Designs. Questionnaire.

Positioning excercises.

Here they are: one two three four

Validated DOI

Here it is.