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positioning excercises

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portfolio site

Here is a link to what my portfolio site.  Some links are not live yet, but please check back as I will be trying to put up those pages in the next few days. any feedback or comments are welcome! irene

portfolio pages

intro page home page design page lladro page

Final Northeast Kingdom Site Design and Portfolio Sitemap

Here is the final site design for The Northeast Kingdom. and… portfolio sitemap! as well as… portfolio site layouts


*Project Planner to develop a portfolio website in order to show my work and experience for potential employers, family and friends. * Who are you? I am a musician, designer, dreamer, creative, and performer all rolled into one. * Your name and title: Irene Fong, student at Parsons, the School of Design, BBA * How […]

Finally Validated DOI!

Here is my validated green DOI!

New NEK website designs

here is a link to new NorthEast Kingdom page type designs. and a link to the new NorthEast Kingdom wireframe.

New Northeast Kingdom Website Layout

Here is the newest version of my website layout. This version is drastically different than my previous one.

NEK homepage

Here is the link to an example of the look and feel of the Northeast Kingdom homepage.