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My Site- FINAL week

here is my site  it looks the way i want it to but i have problems validating it- and they are all related to the DOCTYPE.  When i add the doctype to the heading, it would validate… but some of my .png files then shift around the page and no matter what i do in […]

Lee’s site: In Progress

look at my work-in-progress site here I had a few issues that I would like to get help with in class..

lee’s revised website

my revised portfolio is here i am not completely happy with it, i spent hours testing different designs some are here please go through the different ideas or comment with other suggestions. the problem is that i want it to have a strong recence but a bit more classic or delicate.. thanks,lee

Lee’s site

click here

Lee’s stuff

My Final Design for the Local Business Website is HERE My wireframe and sitemap for my portfolio site is HERE

Lee’s beautiful boxes

First Exercise Second Exercise Third Exercise Forth Exercise I want to thank Rey for his beautifully done coding as I used it when i got stuck on a couple of points. Also- i couldnt figure out how to make the boxes on ex2 and ex4 stick to the top left corner without any white boundary. […]

Lee’s Project Planner

Who are you? A person who cares about the world and the well being and rights of other humans. Your name: Lee Winfield How do you want people to contact you? (phone? email>): HK: (+852)9558.2166, USA: (+1) 646.234.1574 Describe the concept, product, or service this site is intended to provide or promote. Show my work and ideas.My […]

Lee’s Laundromat Graphics and Verified DOI

My verified DOI and here is the Proof My new Laundromat Design

Lee’s DOI & Wire plan

My New DOI is HERE My Laundry-mat Wire plan is HERE see you tomorrow Lee

Lee’s week 3 Homework

THIS is my Declaration of Independence and  THIS is my web map for my Laundry mat website.. it got complex and I couldnt even include everything I wanted to. I need some feedback on this.  see you tomorrow!