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My Site that isn’t working…

Here is the link to my non-working site!


I need help


Here is my working layout.

Wireframe & Sitemap

Here is my wireframe and sitemap to my own webpage.


* Project Planner * Who are you? – A quirky individual who doesn’t like to see too much conflict with or in others; someone who enjoys to “joke” your troubles away. * Your name and title: Regina Weick, Designer * How do you want people to contact you? (email>): * Describe the concept, product, […]

Position Exercise

Here is Position Ex. 1 Here is Position Ex. 2 Here is Position Ex. 3 Here is Position Ex. 4

Validated DOI

Validated DOI

Final Website

Here is my revised website, based on everybodys comments in class.

Layout for Website

Hey Guys, Please follow the link to my page to see what I’ve come up with for my website designs. ~ Regina

My Updated Wireframe

This is my revised wireframe. Thank you for your comments!