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final site

Here is where my web site is on this snowy Friday…Christina

Lynnoleum live pages

Here is the link to my live linked pages so far. I am having issues with the positioning of background art and photo strip but once I get the home page resolved, I can apply to the rest pages.

Revised Lynnoleum

Here are new layouts for my web site based on the feedback from last week. PDF

personal site layouts

Attached are my designs for my personal site called Lynnoleum. I chose to link my middle name, Lynn, my retro-centric sensibilities and love of country singer Loretta into one title / container. It will serve nicely the purpose of showcasing my latest visual and new media projects. Christina Speligene

Local site final design

I modified my local business site, Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks, based on feedback from Jay and the class. Click here to see how sample pages turned out.

questionnaire + wireframe1

Here is my questionnaire and wireframe for my personal web site.

Site Design

Here are a few web pages to give you the idea of where I’m going with the layout and design for Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks.

Revised Wireframe

Here is my reworked wireframe for my site – I tightened up the layout and introduced a few more graphic elements and added links to show actual inventory (unsure yet to use photos or Quicktime movie containing scans across the shelves). I found some retro kitchen elements which I hope will tie it all together.

DOI – styled with CSS

Here is my Declaration of Independence using the baby beginner steps of CSS.

DOI + Wireframe

Here is my Declaration of Independence homework – still unsure about the use of -m dashes… Here is my wireframe for my local business, Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks