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Final Portfolio Website

My site is here. The site is far from done, as I’ll be adding a lot of content in coming days and will continue to into the future. I want to brush up on styling links and think a bit more about the typography/structure of the ‘Inspiration’ page before I add content. I also am […]

Home Page Structure-Draft

A first draft of the structure of my homepage, more to come as I work, Thanks,

Portfolio Website Revisions

Here are revisions of last weeks sample webpages based on last weeks critique. More content pages coming this afternoon. Thanks, Splash Page Home Page Graphic Design/Street Typography

Initial Designs for Portfolio Website and Incomplete Single Image Rollover

Initial designs for my portfolio website can be found here. They include a splash page, a home page, and detail page. A mistake laden (or beautifully abstract) single image rollover nav bar can be found here.

A Finally Validated DOI

Validated DOI here

Ess-a-Bagel Final + Portfolio Sitemap & Wireframes

Finalized Ess-a-Bagel Portfolio Sitemap & Wireframes 

David Frankel-Positioning Exercises & Questionnaire

Positioning Exercise 1 Positioning Exercise 2 Positioning Exercise 3 Positioning Exercise 4   Discovery Questionnaire on Yourself­–Project Planner                         Who are you?  A human being with various interests and passions, positive and peaceful. Your name and title  David Coakley Frankel, first year student in the AAS Graphic Design Program. How do you want people […]

Ess-a-Bagel Revisions

Here’s a link to a revised look for the Ess-a-Bagel website along with a couple experimental splash page/logo ideas.

Dave Frankel:Ess-A-Bagel Drafts, Revised Wireframe, Marked Up DOI

Ess-A-Bagel Drafts Revised Wireframe New DOI

Dave Frankel-DOI and Wireframe Links

The Declaration Of Independence is here The Ess-A-Bagel Wireframe is here