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this is good. A great improvement over the version that we saw the week before. I really like what you did with the page about Emperor Haile Selassie I, – its a good idea the way you took that silhouette out and made part of it transparent to the photo with a different treatment. It doesn’t QUITE work. I feel like the placement of the second column could be better but it very nearly works and you get points in my book for trying something that is really visually interesting and hard to pull off and nearly pulling it off. The rest of the piece is good too- the interview is laid out well, and I love the final photo of you and the Rasta Dude. This is what this kind of project is all about right? see photo on this page.

Mos definitely!When I started working on this project and doing the research the idea of approaching Rastas seemed quite odd, but after coming out of my comfort zone and talking with them it was a mind blowing experience.

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