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Impossible Narrative

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Impossible Narrative

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impossible narrative


Week 12

as always post a link to your homework, which, this week is your impossible narrative pictures. We’ll spend the first part of class in critique. Next week there’s no class because of thanksgiving so your homework is due the week after. The homework is a presentation book about your final project for your Studio class- […]


If you were not here last week i’ll be looking for your physical brochures!  Today will mostly be a work day and i’m going to go over all your assignments with each of you to make sure that you’ve got everything in. We’ll also talk about the impossible narrative project and see if there’s any […]

Late homework: Color Portrait and Collage

Color Portrait Link Collage Link

Innovative Toys



Today, as always post a link to your homework (for me to look at later ) but our main in-class critique will be of the pieces of paper that you brought. Lets see them! Our next assignment is a two-week assignment. Its the impossible narrative assignment. Your task is to tell a story of some […]