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Week 14

AS ALWAYs….. Post your homework, which was the design for the portion of  your final project that shows the results of your research or interviews. We’ll spend the first part of class talking about your designs and the last part will be time to work in class on your final projects, and ask any last […]

week 13

Welcome Back! Post your homework, which was your visualization of what your final project will look like. We’ll spend the first part of class doing a critique of that work. Today i’ll do a demonstration in class of how to approach working up your final project’s production files using one lucky(?) volunteer’s project as an […]


If you were not here last week i’ll be looking for your physical brochures!  Today will mostly be a work day and i’m going to go over all your assignments with each of you to make sure that you’ve got everything in. We’ll also talk about the impossible narrative project and see if there’s any […]


Today, as always post a link to your homework (for me to look at later ) but our main in-class critique will be of the pieces of paper that you brought. Lets see them! Our next assignment is a two-week assignment. Its the impossible narrative assignment. Your task is to tell a story of some […]

Week 9

OK! as per normal, please post your homework. Also, please post a link to your first InDesign project, i realize that I mostly looked at those on your screens that week and most people didn’t post them, but i need them to go back to and refer to. Homework for next week: InDesign and Brochure […]

Week 8

Collage in Photoshop Have y’all seen this? POST your Homework– we’ll spend the first part of class looking at your work examples of collage My Broadband Diaries example Homework explanation: ABSTRACT SELF PORTRAIT come up with an idea and I want to talk to you about it in class everyone please post your InDesign assignments […]

Week 7

Go ahead and post your images of your “self portrait as monster”. We’ll spend the first part of the class having a critique of these images and talking about the techniques that you used. Next we’re going to go a little deeper into Photoshop. we’ll talk about these features: type in photoshop using folders adjustment […]

Week 6

As always post your homework as a pdf, then take the first 15 min of class to look at your classmates homework, and write a critique of two people’s work. Say what you think works and what doesn’t–say what they could have done to make it better- be as honest and constructive as you possibly […]

Week 5

AS per usual– upload your homework and make a blog post here linking to it, we’ll have a quick critique in class of all your homework InDesign download this file to work with. text styles paragraph styles placing images wrapping Homework assignment Take the provided syllabus document. You can add a little text to it […]

Week 4

As usual post your homework as a blog post! Look at your classmates posts and find two to post a comment about – say what works and what doesn’t work, I’ll post my comments also in the next couple days. New Techniques of the Week: Creating a new text block Scaling and positioning type Leading, […]