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Subculture Project, completed The New School server won’t let me log in, so hopefully this works.

Make-Up work

Sorry for the tardiness of my work This is my cartoon pt.1 pt.2 pt.3 pt.4 This is my 5d’s of dodgeball pt.1 pt.2

Make-up work (Phillip)

Sorry it took so long, I lost my hard drive and had to redo it… 3 Color Monster Portrait Collage

history pages

Page 1 Page 2

Phillip Campion

Pages 13-14 Interview Layout

final project

added an “author’s note” spread (pages 2-3) link

Subculture: Anime & Comic Books


subculture layout

subculture: dogs and their owners(how they are human-like, and almost a substitute for children sometimes) project: showing the different characteristics of dogs that are seen as human characteristics and how they relate basic book layout other pages of book

Final project mockup

Subculture: Graffiti Graffiti

Impossible Narrative

Narrative Link