“In the Future Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes”
-Andy Warhol 1968

“On the Web, everyone will be famous to fifteen people”
-David Weinberger* 2002

*maybe really by someone else – create a comment on this post telling us who for extra bonus points

Getting Started

  1. Intro to Class
  2. Intro To Jay
  3. Stealing your souls & Hearing about you

Tools For Class

  • This Blog (sign up right now)
  • Delicious (sign up right now its free) This is how you can keep track of links. Half of what i’m going to be doing in this class is just throwing links at you and a social bookmarking tool is essential to keep them all organized. Its also ( conveniently ) an essential tool in the social marketing professional’s tool box.
  • Your Password Management System (i like One Password you don’t have to use that but you have to have something– even if its just a special notebook you keep with you all the time) You are going to be creating something like 10 new username/ password combinations at minimum in this class so you need a way to keep them straight. Do not use the same password everywhere that is a really bad idea. (i know everyone does it… still a really bad idea don’t do it.)


Lets discuss the basics of these platforms


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube

Also very important

  • Linked In
  • Foursquare (because its the future)

Tumblr,  pintrest, blogspot, google plus, Flickr, Stumble Upon, Readit, Digg


A little HTML for you

We will use this platform (wordpress) to demonstrate some the basic HTML you will need.

  • anchor tags
  • itallics or emphasis
  • bold or strong
  • lists
  • paragraphs
  • headers

Class Project

For this class you will need to choose a business, organization, cause or idea around which to organize your social media efforts. For the last class you will present documentation of your strategy and some documentation of your results. The results will be your attempt to get people in the world to do something- some concrete, verifiable action.

URLs are very important. Lets talk about them a little.

Understanding permalinks

In-Class Homework 1

Now create a post on this blog- create a link to something you think is really worth reading, seeing, or doing and write a sentence or two about why. Tag the post with “worthwhile”. Make the link as direct as you can to the content. Use the permalink if you can. Find the direct link to the image if what you want to talk about is an image.


Homework 2

Your homework is to sign up for at least 5 social media platforms and start to customize those platforms, and to decide what your class project will be. Make a post on this blog that lists your pages on the social media platforms that you have chosen (delicious can be one of them) and describes what your project will be.

Online version of this chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AshoRPtAZmsVdG9XWkI5akhKMmxiZFMzUGFDM1lOVWc email me with your gmail account and i’ll give you access to edit this too.
Furtado, Lara S.
Ogawa, Linda
Tappe, Eliza
Tilley-Solomon, Cary J.
Vicini, Leticia
Ward, Bennett
Washington, Michele Y.