Week 3

Hello and welcome to week 3.

First off we’re going to have a review of your homework which was:

Identify your audience, define your brand, define your ecosystem.

  • Audience Analysis: Who are your important audience(s)? What kind of people are they? What do they care about passionately? What music do they like? What kind of books do they read?
  • Branding Statement: Define as well as you can what your brand is- speak in terms of values -
  • Ecosystem Break Down: what are the outlets that matter in your ecosystem- not just blogs but twitterers, facebook groups, linkedin groups, other websites and publications- which role do they each play? aggregator ? Commentator ? Etc.
  • Read up on some of the social media blogs too and Find one social media blog that you honestly recommend for our class Blogroll

This weeks conceptual discussion

Do you want wide and shallow or narrow and deep? Or both

(Think about bank-shots)
Technical Demonstration:

  1. Foursquare
  2. Make a brand page
  3. A list of apps and another — note these are apps that work with foursquare on your phone.


  • settings
  • plugins (apps) & tabs here’s a list
  • two that i’m using Tweets To Pages and Static HTML create pages for you– less work.
  • A helpful how to that is what you should do if you want to do it yourself and have a little more control.

In-Class Exercise:

Post to facebook from your phone
Homework Assigned:

Report on a great use of media you care about and why – something that made you cry, laugh or do something.

Create a plan — who are you choosing to talk to  ? what part of your audience is your primary audience?what are you saying, how are you saying it? start creating content, choose a primary channel, Start customizing your channels