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Week 4

  • First I want to hear about your plans — what are you doing? who are you talking to, what are you saying? through what channels ?
  • Cool points
  • Three principals of Communities on line (and maybe everywhere)
    All communities want

    1. sense that they are contributing to something greater than themselves
    2. means to at least effect what that something is and where its going
    3. recognition from the community for their specific contribution
  • Technical Demonstration

  • In-Class Exercise:  YOUTUBE: Posting to youtube << bring a digital video camera and the means to get files on to your class computer
  • Homework Assigned: Start executing your plan

The Fontainebleau Ecole Des Beaux Art Summer Architecture Program

The École des Beaux-Arts at Fontainebleau, founded in 1923, adopted the same mission as the music conservatory in the spheres of painting, architecture, and sculpture; to offer the best of French architectural education to young, promising architechs. Over time, the program has focused its development exclusively to architecture, taking advantage of its location and the rich history of architectural education in France. Inspired by setting of the Chateau and its magnificent formal gardens, its faculty has included prestigious international names in architecture, including F. Candela, A. Cuny, B. Doshi, Sheila Hicks, L. Kroll, R. Licata, R. Péchére, B. Rasica, Paolo Soleri, J. Soltan, A. Van Eyck, Y. Wohlert, and I. García. Past directors of the school are Jacques Carlu, A. Remondet, P. Devinoy, B. de la Tour d’Auvergne, M. Tournon-Branly, and J.L. Nouvian.

Find out more about the architecture program here: