this is likely to change quite a bit, so check for updates frequently

Week 1
student goals survey and photo collection
illustrator basics
hand trace project

Week 2
handtrace project part 1 critique
hand trace project part 2 ā€“ figure & ground exploration

Week 3
Lydia Sign up
Illustrator patterns and textures
Object Illustration

Week 4
Type in Illustrator
Re-Design of a famous brand

Week 5
Type in InDesign
Designing a brochure about web design

Week 6
Basics of Photoshop
The Monster Project

Week 7
Monster Project part 2 color study

Week 8
Collage aesthetic in photoshop
Abstract Collage Self Portrait

Week 9
InDesign Basics
The FIve Dā€™s ā€“ actually printing out and glueing together the brochure

Week 10
Impossible Narrative Project part 1

Week 11
Impossible Narrative Project part 2

Week 12
creating presentation for proposal for final project

Week 13
visual presentation of research findings

Week 14
creating visual structure for final presentation

Week 15
Critique of technical aspects of final presentations

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