Adam’s Final Project-work in progress…

Think Ink

Subculture: Tattoos

Research: I started off my research through books and film.  I originally had the idea of researching the connection of tattoos and psychological trauma such as deaths or divorce, but through my research I found that tattoos had come a long in the last 15 or so years.  In the film “Tattoo: A Love Story”, people with tattoos are thought of in a negative way.  Even a tattoo parlor was thought of as a filthy place where germs and bacteria thrived.  In actuality, a legal tattoo parlor is just as sanitary as a doctors office with sanitized tools and equipment.  As far as people go, well…more people around us have tattoos than we would ever know.  Just because you don’t see a tattoo on a person doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have one.  Take me for example, would you think that I had a tattoo? (Answer in class) Yes, stereo types are present for a reason, they derived from some point and time, but not all stereotypes hold true anymore.  Tattoos were stereotyped in a negative way, displayed on bikers, prisoners, gang members, etc. Yes, they are still very common, but now they are not alone.  People of all types are getting tattooed, and not just the tattoos of old where you would make a selection from a catalog in the tattoo shop.  Custom tattoos are very popular.

Resources: “Tattoo: A Love Story” (2002), “Tattoo Ink” (2005),  “Tattooing” an A & E Documentary (1997),  Krakow, Amy “The Total Tattoo Book”1994, Sanders, Clinton R. “Customizing the Body” 2008, McCabe, Michael “New York City Tattoo” 1997.

Statement: Tattoos had a bad rep.  By looking at a person, could you tell if they had a tattoo?

Objective & Message: I want to show that tattoos are not for a certain demographic by breaking the stereotype through people not from the stereotypical group tattoos are commonly connected to.

Audience: General Audience, basically anyone who thought tattoos were for criminals only.

Means: To raise awareness through a poster campaign posted near tattoo shops or even in the window of a tattoo shop.

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