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Kababloom’s Progress

It’s still a work in progress **link**

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Index and About Pages

I spent WAY too long on these pages. I explored text rotation and using new typefaces. It’s not completely right yet… and it’s funky on IE :(. A good start though… Index (click on the elephant to go to the About page)

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KHalterman’s Second Set of Designs

Second set of designs including possible logo [click here] (the colors still need work)

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Website Mockups and Javascript Rollovers

PDF Mockups (download) Javascript (link)

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KHalterman’s Revised Site Map & Wireframes

Click Here

KHalterman’s Website Sketches

I completely changed my thesis concept this past week (things have been a little nuts)… but! I’m uber excited about my new concept! My wireframe, site outline, etc. sketches are just that – sketches. I’m giving a presentation on my thesis concept next Wednesday so I’ll update these sketches with pretty pictures within the next […]

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KHalterman’s Rollovers

Click Here to see my modified Declaration of Human Rights page.

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Rouned Corners & Creative Brief

Rounded Corners – Click Here Creative Brief – Click Here Similar Designed Sites as Nestle Waters (colors and organization): Deer Park Waters (simplicity, use of white space): Glaceau Waters (interactivity): – Kirsten Halterman -

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Kirsten Halterman’s Exercises and Client Survey

exercise 1 exercise 2 exercise 3 exercise 4 Client survey, click here and download the “KHalterman_client.pdf” file.

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Kirsten Halterman’s “Client”

I’ve started working on my thesis and as it will be heavily web based, I’ll be working on it throughout the semester.