Jeanna’s HW- Single image rollover (redo)

The original post didn’t work, so I’m reposting this one.

Working on this one right now.. hopefully by the time that you check it will be functioning properly.

Fixed Single Image Rollover

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DoubleYou – Final Presentation

I tried my best, but didn’t get through the whole thing. At a glance it looks almost complete but there are alot of little things left to do.

I am going to work on it through the holidays and hopefully finish soon.



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Jeanna’s HW- php form and flyout menu

I used both of these in my finalsite

(Contact form and Nav bar)

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Kill Your Darlings- Jeanna’s final site

Kill Your Darlings

My intent is to spruce up the nav and get my sister’s blog going (to replace mine) for next week.

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Kababloom’s Progress

It’s still a work in progress :)

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Hanky Pancreas final

Hi, so I started building Hanky Pancreas in CSS – – you can see it here

and then I decided that it was a waste of time if the site wasn’t being built with e-commerce components.

So at this point I started learning some php and spent a ridiculous amount of time making my own WordPress theme with an e-commerce plugin.

I would love to add more organic elements into the overall feel of the site, but I think its a good start!

View the latest here.

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Reference for CSS- Do you know Stu Nicholls?

Hey guys- just found out about Stu Nicholls… 63 year old British guy who loves CSS so much- that he makes all these crazy javascript style functions using CSS only. i.e. Gallery using CSS only

Just about all of them are free as long as you reference him with copyright info…

His Site “CSS Play”

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My final site (work in progress)

It looks different in firefox than in safari… hummm…

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Week 13

just a little more php- and then we’ll spend most of the time working and troubleshooting.

we’re going to use this tutorial by Kevin Yank:
PHP and XML: Parsing RSS 1.0

Copy the code from this example page:

its named .txt so you can actually see the code– copy it and rename it .php to see it actually work

After we work with this a little, we’ll spend the rest of the class doing troubleshooting and I’ll spend some time talking with people individually about your sites.

NEXT WEEK IS part 1 of 2 of PRESENTATIONS – we’ll use a random process to determine who will go in the first week and who will go in the second.

ok week 1









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Basic Page built in HTML

I’ll be updating this- but here’s what I have now…
Crew page