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This is my site

All Works Uploaded (final update)

Here is the link to my page which contains the class exercises and my homepage.
My page with all links (updated: I just remembered to include my local business design mock ups.  These are very rough comps that I’ve had for a while but never updated. But here they are. Sorry for the late submission.)

This is my site

Jarvis Fernandez site (Done!)

This is my final version of my side. I changed some stuff. I dont have a well done resume so thats the only thing missing. Thank you for the class i learn a lot and ill keep practicing so i can get better.

Jarvis Fernandez

Norman’s portfolio website

This is my portfolio website.

some more old hw to post-Declaration with image placement

Declaration with image placement.html

Declaration with image placement.css

I got some old hw to post








My web site

My Website

Here is my websitre Jackson\'s Portfolio Page