Amos Work

five d’s of dodgeball

Hey Jay, I tried to send the others through email, but they won’t go through. Maybe i’ll just describe them to you?

The monster images were me with huge eyes and a big mouth. Looked a little creepy, but funny. I think the class laughed when it came on the screen. (shock maybe?) The colored image was sort of realistic, with orange eyes.

The image narrative was the love story between the dragons. The two dragons in love, then one sees the other cheating, then they have en epic battle.

My subculture book was about gamers, with the portraits and images of games.

I think those were the only projects left. Sorry for not sending the actual images Jay! If you have a different email, then could you let me know?

Thanks for a great semester!

Jessica’s dodgeball layout


seul-bi’s color monster


jessicas old add slogan project


at ant t’s reach out and touch something slogan

Scarlett’s Subculture Project


5 Ds of Dodgeball


Yahoo! It worked!

Seul-bi’s Impossible narrative


Seul-bi’s self portrait


Jessica’s Narrative






Week 13

Post links to your homework (which was a presentation describing your final project ) as always we will start off with a critique. The last part of class will be time for you to work and ask questions about the technical aspects of your final project.

Next week we will have time to work in class- bring your throny technical problems and we’ll solve them.

The last week will be presentations of your final project and a critique focusing on techniques used.